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About Singapore Chap

Hi all,

So, as I noticed over the past week and a half, while settling down in Singapore, quite some of you have been interested in my whereabouts, my experiences, and what I’m up to in general. Which is great! So, I decided to create a blog after all to keep you posted. It won’t be a super regular thing, probably not necessarily long posts (who knows what happens though), but just to give you an idea of what I’ve been up to and what is going on in my life here.

First of all, a little recap as some of you are probably a bit lost about what I’m actually here for, and what I’ve been doing the past years in general. I can’t blame you, my path isn’t exactly standard, and I’m still struggling myself sometimes to understand how I got here.

As some of you remember, 7 years ago I moved to the States where I studied as an undergrad. I did some science and communication stuff, but mainly focussed on theatre and tennis there (I was there on a tennis scholarship). After 2 years I moved back to Amsterdam, where I finished my bachelor degree at Amsterdam University College in both Communication and Medical Sciences. All the while still happily active in theatre/film and on court as well. Then, upon graduating, I had to make the big decision after all: humanities or sciences (or full on theatre?)…. And after a lot of thinking and talking, I decided to start a research master in Drug Innovation. After a premaster and an awesome backpacking trip through Indonesia, I started the actual master in February 2015. Although I had no idea if I would like doing research whatsoever, luckily it turns out I made the right decision. At the moment I finished all my course work for the masters and successfully finished my first internship – and I’m loving it, conducting scientific research!

My first research internship was very mechanistical, basically meaning I was trying to figure out how our body works, and I specifically focussed on the interaction between nutrition and our immune system. A fascinating topic, which probably will have a lot to offer in the near feature.

During this internship, the opportunity for my current project in Singapore came about. I already had been thinking about doing my graduation project abroad (after all, I had been back living in the Netherlands for almost 5 years already again – so it was definitely time for a new adventure). And with the nature of the topic, the geographical location, and the trackrecord of the university (ranked #1 in Asia, and top 20 in the world), it was a pretty easy decision: hell yeah!

So, here I am. In Singapore. At the National University of Singapore.
My project here is about drug delivery (so basically: how do you get a drug to a certain place in your body) to the brain. I’ll be researching this in the context of brain diseases such Parkinson’s Disease. And besides hoping to do some great findings in this area, I’m also planning to do quite some traveling and diving around South East Asia – so I’ll hopefully be able to give you a tast of the surroundings here as well.

If you’re interested, keep an eye out! If it gets boring, let me know as well 😉
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