The Final Chapter & the Start of Something New (?)

Back in the cold and cosy Netherlands. While I'm slowly recovering from my reversed culture shock - I can testify now: it's a thing - it's time to make up the balance, my closing post for this chapter of my life.


Bangkok, Singapore, and Science as it is.

October has arrived, and while in the Netherlands fall is already showing it's face, in Singapore everything stays steady: hot and sweaty as always because Singapore doesn't do seasons. So, I'm still arriving sweaty at work every morning, get sweaty out of the shower, and sweat besides the pool on the weekends. Such a tough … Continue reading Bangkok, Singapore, and Science as it is.

New city, new culture, new life.

So, I definitely have some catching up to do. I've almost been here for 2 weeks already. Time's flying!! Honestly, it really took me some time to adjust. Actually, I'm still adjusting, but I dare to say I've settle down somewhat. It's just a totally different world. Singapore is a lovely, vibrant city: amazing architectures, … Continue reading New city, new culture, new life.